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Earlier this year we engaged the services of John Lineham to complete a weather tightness inspection report on our property prior to sale.

Our home was clad using monolithic cladding and we felt it was important to us and any potential purchaser that a thorough report was made available for weather tightness.

John provided us with a comprehensive and factual report and discussed in detail the findings and recommended to us the solutions to issues identified.

At the time of sale John also attended a meeting with the purchasers and also discussed his findings and recommendations which put the future purchasers mind at ease. This was over and above what we expected in service offered by companies.


I am convinced that if not for Mr Lineham’s outstanding professional service our sale would not have gone so smoothly.

We would not hesitate to recommend the outstanding support and service offered by Leak Scan and John Lineham, Thank you John.

Alistair & Dawn Symthe.

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